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Thank you for purchasing our theme. If you have any questions or need help with file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form or write on our support forum.
Thank You.

1. Features

Smart Interactive is a creative, full-screen parallax one page theme with separate pages for blog. This theme can be used for any site. There is also available HTML version: Smart Interactive HTML


  • - Fully responsive
  • - Supports images, videos and music files
  • - Color schemes
  • - Blog Pages
  • - Working contact form with full validiation
  • - Comment form
  • - HTML5 / CSS3
  • - Slider
  • - Beautiful and simple design
  • - Easy to work with / create own pages
  • - Validated code
  • - Well structured markup
  • - Well commented css and custom.js
  • - Cross browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, phone & tablets browsers)
  • - Flickr widget
  • - PrettyPhoto
  • - Vimeo
  • - Youtube
  • - Soundcloud
  • - Isotope (25$ value)
  • - Shortcodes

2. Files overview

This section is for developers and advanced user with want to edit core of the theme. If you are interested in chaning colors, turn off/on some section etc. please go to this section: customization

PHP Files

Homepage sections (all files can be find in main theme catalog) - order by apperance on demo page

  • About us - no template php file, only shortodes
  • Video wrapper - smartinteractive/wrapper_video_section-page.php
  • Services - no template php file, only shortodes
  • Our pricing - no template php file, only shortodes
  • Insane design (promo work) - smartinteractive/promo_work_section-page.php
  • Who we are? - no template php file, only shortodes
  • Skills - smartinteractive/skills_section-page.php
  • From the blog - smartinteractive/blog_section-page.php
  • Selected works - smartinteractive/portfolio_section-page.php
  • Our beloved clients - smartinteractive/wrapper_section-page.php
  • Contact us - smartinteractive/contact_section-page.php
  • Widgets - smartinteractive/widgets_section-page.php
  • Footer - smartinteractive/footer.php

Blog pages - archive (blog list):

  • Header - smartinteractive/header-archive.php
  • Post listing - smartinteractive/archive.php
  • Sidebar - smartinteractive/sidebar-archive.php
  • Footer - smartinteractive/footer.php

Blog open - post:

  • Header - smartinteractive/header-pages.php
  • Post - smartinteractive/single.php
  • Sidebar - smartinteractive/sidebar.php
  • Comments - smartinteractive/comments.php
  • Footer - smartinteractive/footer.php


  • Wp admin options - smartinteractive/options.php
  • Search page - smartinteractive/search.php
  • Search form - smartinteractive/searchform.php
  • Functions - smartinteractive/functions.php
  • Shortocdes - functions/shortocdes.php
  • 404 page - smartinteractive/404.php

CSS Files

  • Main style - smartinteractive/css/style.css
  • All colors - smartinteractive/css/skin/scheme1.css
  • All colors (other version) - smartinteractive/css/skin/scheme2.css
  • Slider (selected works) - smartinteractive/css/camera.css
  • PrettyPhoto (photo zoom) - smartinteractive/css/prettyphoto.css
  • Isotope (selected works) - smartinteractive/css/style.css

JS Files

  • Main custom - smartinteractive/js/custom.js
  • Custom for slider (selected works) - smartinteractive/js/custom2.js
  • All attached js files - smartinteractive/js/

3. First install

At first you need working version of Wordpress already installed. If this is your first instalation or need help please see the Wordpress Codex: wordpress install

Install theme - step by step

  • 1. Download ordered theme from
  • 2. Un-zip files to folder, you will get:
  • -
  • - catalog /smartinteractive
  • - psd file
  • - catalog /documentation
  • - catalog /demo data XML
  • 3a. Add theme using wp-admin: Appearance > Themes > Install Themes
  • or
  • 3b. Add theme using ftp: copy catalog to wp-content/themes
  • 4. Activate theme in wp-admin

Install demo data - XML file step by step

  • 1. Go to: Tools > Import > Wordpress
  • 2. Install plugin "WordPress Importer" or update it (if you have one skip this step)
  • img
  • 3. Upload xml file from catalog /demo data XML/demo.xml.
  • 4. Asign post to admin and download attachments.
  • img
  • 5. Press submit and wait for upload - demo data loaded.
  • 6. Assign widgets on home page in wp-admin Apperance > Widgets and fill missing info (if needed).
  • img
  • 7. Assign information for footer in Appearance > Smart Interactive (if needed).
  • 8. Assign widgets blog archive and blog post page (if needed).
  • 9. Configure menu see menu section.
  • 10. Set theme to one page mode in Appearance > Smart Interactive > One Page.
  • 11. Done! theme ready to use.

4. Menu

There two menus, one for homepage - Primary Menu and second for posts and pages - Secondary menu

Configuring homepage menu

Links in this menu works as ScrollTo - after click page travels to some position.
To add travel link choose section from "Pages" box and add it to menu - must be section from homepage.


If you want to add link with is not travel link add description: "not-home".


If you want to add link with travels to top of the page - create custom link with URL address of your site.
For example if your page adddress is, crate custom link to

Configuring posts and pages menu

Links in this menu works normally - you can set an URL to other site or choose page from "Pages" box and link to it.

5. Slider

This theme has slider in "Selected Works" section. You can turn it off/on in wp-admin Appearance > Smart Interactive > Slider
You can manage slides from wp-admin Sliders.


6. Homepage

This template is based on one-page design, so most of the informations is on main page.
To edit this information or change their position go to wp-admin Pages.


Every section in homepage is represented by separate page in wp-admin. All pages are based on shortcodes - click edit to change their content.


You can change order of the sections by editing order field.


Each section can have different color.


To change scheme color see section: customiziation section

7. Blog and works


You can manage your posts from wp-admin Posts.


To set main image go to Featured Image box.


You can edit right site of blog page (sidebar) by editing widgets: Apperance > Widgets.


If you want to link to blog in menu, create and attach post category in each post then create URL in menu like this:



You can manage your works from wp-admin Works.


This theme supports Vimeo, Youtube and soundcloud. You can add this media in "Work Settings" box.


8. Other Pages

You can create page with is not home section or blog. To do this go to wp-admin Pages > Add New. You can link to this page in menu by coping its Permlink.

img img

9. Shortcodes

This theme use lots of shortocodes. We don't want to bore you and paste here all of them.
If you like some feature in our theme just edit demo page with has it and copy wanted shortcode.


10. Customization

Some of customization options are hidden in wp-admin Appearance > Smart Interactive.

Changing preset colors

You cam change deafult scheme colors in wp-admin Appearance > Smart Interactive.



Blog pagination: wp-admin Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most [value].
Comments pagination: wp-admin Settings > Discussion > Break comments into pages with [value].

Google fonts

You can change fonts in Appearance > Typography.


This theme is WPML Ready. All .po & .mo files are generated for translations.

11. Source and credits

All photos used in the preview are on Common Creative Licence and the are not inlcuded.

Photos used in preview are from this great author :

Font used: Entypo & Open sans.

12. Support

If you have any question or want any customization of that project please contact us:

  • On support forum
  • Directly on mail: